How To Find Us Map

One of the first projects assigned to me as a Design Intern at Inside Out Contracts was to design a new ‘How To Find Us’ map for the website. This was due to the company moving offices and showroom.


Keep it simple but effective with all of the necessary roads and nearest identifiable locations. This would make it easier for clients visiting the showroom and deliveries easy to find the company.

It was important to communicate the variety of ways it was possible to access the new offices and showroom. One method of doing this was to place nearby stations  on the map and how far they were in terms of walking distance.

One of the colours as part of Inside Out’s design and branding guidelines is orange. This is the reason why the roads have been shown in this colour. The roads are also essential for navigation and the clearer they stood out the better.

*Designed using Adobe Illustrator.


This map is live on the Inside Out Contracts website: