Becoming a Student Again

Not a lot of time has passed since I was previously studying at university and here I am embarking on another journey and becoming a student again.

I am taking my Spanish language learning to new heights by signing up to some classes at a language school.

This is exciting for many reasons, but the main reason is that, as someone who has always wanted to learn Spanish and never taken a formal class, it will be a very interesting experience to put what I have been learning throughout this year into practice. It will also be good to meet new people outside of my working environment and understand what their motivations are to learn Spanish.

One thing to note is that these are evening classes which means that my days will become longer and I’ll need to factor in some time to do the assigned homework but given that it is something that I am passionate about, I don’t foresee this being a major issue.

The language school that I am going to be studying at is located in the building directly behind my place of work so it was an obvious choice to study there. The other interesting thing about the school is that they offer a range of 1-week intensive, 5-week and 10-week courses as well as social events. I have chosen the 5-week option mainly because it is 2 lessons a week for 5 weeks, in comparison to 1 lesson a week for 10 weeks. The 10-week option just seemed too great a gap without a lesson and I was worried that I may start to forget things.

Talking to some of the teachers beforehand and hearing just how passionate they are about teaching and languages has also excited me even more.

I’m looking forward to my first-ever Spanish lesson!